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Weekly Market Commentary – April 9, 2021

Economic Data

This week has been light on data. Initial Jobless Claims were slightly up from last week (744,000 vs 728,000) and Continuing Jobless Claims were down slightly (3.73 million vs 3.75 million). Producer Price Index was up from 0.4% to 1%. Nothing really stood out.


As we expected, the rates market has calmed down a bit in the past week. The yield curve has flattened slightly. We expect the flattening to continue next week.


The equity markets continue to push higher as rates calm and recovery continues. As we expected, the Nasdaq Composite Index led the gains, we expect this to continue next week.

What to look for next week?

To conclude, the market has followed our expectations set last week. Equity markets continue to catch eyes with growth stocks recovering. With that being said, we look forward to next week’s CPI data and the reaction from the market. It will be a great show.

Happy weekend everyone and see you next week!

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